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Dive into the magic of the underwater world. Ocean Eyes Photography started as a way to share my experiences in the ocean with others. Dolphins, whales, sharks and other ocean beings are making contact in amazing ways now more than ever. It brings me such joy to witness interactions that are happening between humans and our ocean family. With the deep connection i feel with them and the relationships developed over the years i have been able to capture magical moments in oceans all over the world. For me,  It’s not about ‘getting the shot’, it is about being with them in their ocean home and seeing what unfolds. From there the magic happens.

With my images, videos and stories i hope to inspire love and awareness of the ocean and all of her inhabitants I aim to bring joy through experience and connection.

I envision a world where all are (re)connected to nature, filled with love and passion for all ocean beings including ourselves!

Over the last 18 years i have worked closely with boat captains and researchers in Hawaii, the Bahamas, Tahiti, the Dominican Republic, Guadaloupe and the Fjords of Norway capturing sought after images and videos including rare behaviors, feeding, and other fascinating encounters. My DVD ‘Beneath the Surface’, is a twenty minute underwater film that brings you deep into the world of the dolphins. All of my photography is done while freediving.My work has appeared in Ocean Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, InStyle Magazine, Cosmopolitan and Time Magazine online and others.

I also regularly contribute photographs and videos for research and education purposes around the world in an effort to increase the understanding and protection of the Ocean and all of its inhabitants.

Images and Videos are available for purchase, custom orders and stock use. Please be in touch with any questions.