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Consulting and Coaching

I am currently offering one on one support sessions. My focus has been providing support for women in recovery with eating disorders and related issues. It is my joy to assist women in reconnecting with that power and knowing inside, that inner wisdom and joy. I know what it is like to feel stuck and need a little extra support along the way. We will explore the deeper meanings behind the struggle with body and eating.
Recovery with ED’s is not a straight and easy rode. We all have ups and downs. There are many, many paths to wellness. I would love to connect with you and see how we can dive in and discover that spark of joy inside.
I am available in person or by phone and online. Reach out for more details. I look forward to hearing from you. I have a Certification from the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology for Advanced Life Coach Practitioner and Mindfulness.

 Ocean/Dolphin Experiences

Join me on a swim to meet our local dolphin pods here in Hawaii. We are so lucky to have pods of dolphins here who regularly come in close to shore to be with us. This is an experience beyond words! These dolphins are great teachers for us as we join them in their ocean home. Along with the dolphins, we often see turtles, manta rays, and a variety of whales.
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Personal Retreats
Do you want to dive deeper into nature and your inner being? Personal retreats specifically designed to nurture your soul and transform your life all designed according to your time and preferences. Some options include: Ocean swims with dolphins, snorkeling, massage, art, acupuncture and more. Known as the Healing island, the Big Island has so much to offer for personal transformation, rest, and inspiration. We all need to take time our for ourselves to reconnect and what better way than in the warm Hawaii waters.
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Group Retreats

Interested in bringing a group or co-facilitating a group together? Let’s do it! Weekend or week long retreats available. When we sit in circle together magic happens. Groups are powerful agents of change and inspiration.
I have co-led groups all around the world focused on healing trauma and eating disorders, finding joy, and mostly playing! The dolphins and whales are always teaching us to play more.
Enjoy dolphin swims and ocean experiences, creative arts, massage, yoga, meditation, hiking/nature walks, yummy food, and more.

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