In 2006 I was blessed with meeting a woman named Diane Buccheri. She is the creator, editor of Ocean Magazine. What started out as a business connection for photography quickly turned more personal. After a few email conversations about the ocean, dolphins, whales, photography and our mutual love for all, Diane encouraged me to to share more. What was my connection with the ocean, and what did I mean by ‘the ocean is a healing place for me.’

So I did. I wrote what ended up being the feature article for her next issue of the magazine about my struggle with an eating disorder and how the ocean, the dolphins and whales became an integral part of my healing.

Since my move to Hawaii years before, I had kept that part of my life more private, partly because I think I was subconsciously hoping I could just ‘leave it behind’ and didn’t want it to be a part of my new life. I knew that wasn’t really possible but I hadn’t been really ready to embrace that as part of who I was which I now know kept me from truly allowing a deeper level of healing. I had still been protecting myself, distancing myself from more that was yet to come out and be expressed and healed.

I feel so grateful to Diane for providing that initial outlet for me to put myself out there and stop compartmentalizing my life in ways that felt at the time more comfortable. All in perfect timing.

And even now as I take another leap forward with sharing, I hear that voice inside saying ‘are you sure?’ Yet I feel that there is no other way for me to be in the world. If I can’t be all of me then I’m not being truthful and there is no space for that in my life anymore. It is time for all of us to step into our power, speak our truth and be the love and joy that we are here to be.

Wellness for me is something that I continually aim to have with all parts of my life….mental, physical, spiritual, emotional…..A Joyful, happy, conscious, awareness.

It has been a fun, interesting journey getting to a place where I feel happy and excited about just being me and being in my body.

Working with other individuals and groups on creating wellness and joy from the inside out has been such fun.

To not be at war with myself, my body has set me free. It set free all of the energy inside that I was so fearful of feeling. And there is so much power there – in our emotions – in our truth. Not someone else’s truth, but our own.

So in sharing more of my story, my experiences i hope to inspire more people to do the same. Shine your light, live your truth.                                                             

You can read the full article i wrote on my media page or click here: