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Meet Lisa

Meet Lisa

Adventurer, Photographer, Mermaid, Writer, seeker of fun….living a life of joy, wonder and curiosity, a lover of all things ocean. I have always been an ocean being. It is where i feel most alive and connected to the truth of who i am. I grew up in New Orleans and moved to the Big Island of Hawaii in 1999. I moved here because my soul was calling me to the ocean to be with the dolphins. I was ready to find our more about the connection I had been feeling with them all my life.  Read More

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Current Projects

Ocean Eyes

Explore and Experience our amazing ocean family as seen through my eyes and heart. Feel the connections these beings seek out with us in their ocean home. Learn more.

Trinity Rose

A new and expansive production company creating beautiful, powerful films and other projects to share with the world. Explore the magic of 1+1 = 3. Magic is unfolding!  Discover.

Oceans Within

This is my forthcoming book where I share inspiration, hope and healing for those living with or affected by eating disorders. Be the solution, share truths, passion…creativity.

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What Lisa’s Clients Are Saying.

Having had the privilege to work with Lisa Denning on retreat and wellness programs for 6 years, I can say without pause — that she is one of the most natural, intuitive and creative facilitators anyone could hope to have on a healing or wellness journey. Her knowledge comes from a deep personal place and translates into a global message for anyone wanting to find out a little but more about themselves while experiencing new things. On land or in the water, I have seen Lisa facilitate so many wonderful programs that have truly changed people’s lives and given them a place to reconnect with themselves and others. She is a community building and a visionary when it comes to women’s retreat and wellness programming.
Stacey Bosworth

Founding Executive Director, Joyful Heart Foundation

Lisa has been featured in prominent publications and many well known media venues.

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